DREAM WEAVERS: Mark Ristau, Kate Towle, & Antonia Wilcoxon

DREAM WEAVERS: Mark Ristau, Kate Towle, & Antonia Wilcoxon

Co-Producers: Mark Ristau, Kate Towle, & Antonia Wilcoxon

Show Series Description: The human community is a rich tapestry of spirit, justice and connection.  When culture imposes standards upon our souls that threaten our well-being, it engages our shadow, splitting sacred threads, feeding the false self, and seeding trauma.  To build a beloved community—an integrated and all-inclusive spirit of shared humanity—we must at once honor our deep connection to each other, while finding the freedom to be ourselves.  We must access the power to write our own script, while celebrating a narrative that transcends the self.  Weaving a dream of shared humanity requires that we stop demanding others to change who they are—and inviting them to be who they are.  We are the dream weavers, three writers and artisans of peace who have come together to honor humanity’s tapestry, explore what causes it to become unraveled, and spark new ways to weave a collective dream worthy of the human spirit.

Website: www.MarkRistau.com; Facebook; Twitter

Sponsored by: Dream Weavers - Peace Perspectives Authors and Artists

Dates to listen in to DREAM WEAVERS on Connections Radio on AM950 at 9:00AM: January 19; June 29; September 14