Photo from Kristi Abbott's website.

"Connections" logo artist

kristi abbott

As a collage artist Abbott is fascinated with the use of colour, pattern and texture and tries to combine these elements in her work in an innovative and exciting way using a combination of substrates, adhesives, papers and embellishment materials.  

Major influences in her work include pop art and pop culture, Hollywood, music and fashion.   Games from her childhood have also had a major influence in her latest works, which are rich with hidden imagery.  As a child she spent hours hunting through “Where’s Wally” books, examining “Spot the Difference” games and piecing together intricate jigsaw puzzles.  

Her technique is still evolving and employs an exploratory and playful process, which can incorporate costuming, set design and lighting, photography, graphic manipulation, image transferring, print making, collage and painting.

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